Old Prairie Products has a wide variety of products, from sand to driveway and construction gravel, to boulders, to decorative river rock.

Top Soil

Unfortunately, we are not able to supply top soil this season.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience!!

Pea Gravel

  • 1/8"-3/8"
    For playground areas and drainage.

River Rock

  • #9/11 or #8s: 3/8”-3/4"
    Can be used for dog runs, landscaping and drainage.
  • #4 3/4"-1 1/2” for landscaping.
  • #2 1 1/2”-3" for landscaping.

Larger Rocks

Small Mixed Boulders featuring multi-colored river rock 3”-8"


From 3" up to 3 feet.


  • #23 used in making concrete, coarse sand for a beach, dairy farms, base for paver blocks
  • Mason Sand: masonry work, base for above ground pools; fine sand for a beach
  • Beach Sand: Like mason but with occasional pebble. More economical than mason sand.
  • Crushed Gravel: These rocks come from our Angola pit and are crushed to smaller sizes. The colors are more vibrant though supply is limited.
  • Ball Diamond Dirt: A special mix for ball diamonds. Call for availability.

Stone Chips

  • Bedding for paver blocks
  • #9 Limestone: This is a top dressing with no dust worries to make your driveway look great.
  • #73 Limestone: 1" down to dust. Great for compaction.
  • #53 Limestone: 1 1/s" down to dust. Great for compaction.
  • #2 Limestone: about 2 1/2" Used as a sub base.