Old Prairie Products has a wide variety of products, from sand to driveway and construction gravel, to boulders, to decorative river rock.

Top Soil - We No Longer Supply Top Soil

Unfortunately, we are not able to supply top soil this season.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience!!

Pea Gravel

  • 1/8"-3/8"
    For playground areas and drainage.

River Rock

  • #9/11 or #8s: 3/8”-3/4"
    Can be used for dog runs, landscaping and drainage.
  • #4 3/4"-1 1/2” for landscaping.
  • #2 1 1/2”-3" for landscaping.

Larger Rocks

Small Mixed Boulders featuring multi-colored river rock 3”-8"


From 3" up to 3 feet.


  • #23 used in making concrete, coarse sand for a beach, dairy farms, base for paver blocks
  • Mason Sand: masonry work, base for above ground pools; fine sand for a beach
  • Beach Sand: Like mason but with occasional pebble. More economical than mason sand.
  • Crushed Gravel: These rocks come from our Angola pit and are crushed to smaller sizes. The colors are more vibrant though supply is limited.
  • Ball Diamond Dirt: A special mix for ball diamonds. Call for availability.

Stone Chips

  • Bedding for paver blocks
  • #9 Limestone: This is a top dressing with no dust worries to make your driveway look great.
  • #73 Limestone: 1" down to dust. Great for compaction.
  • #53 Limestone: 1 1/s" down to dust. Great for compaction.
  • #2 Limestone: about 2 1/2" Used as a sub base.